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EP 19: [Powered Chat] Facebook Ads, How to Find Your Customers Online, High-Ticket Coaching Q&A Interview with Katona Payne and Abu Fofanah

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In this week’s episode I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Katona Payne in a great 5 part series. Katona is the owner of Build A Boss, a business strategy and development brand. We had an in depth discussion about my entrepreneurial origin, what it is that I actually do, what drove me towards Facebook advertising and how I originally got started in digital advertising. 

We go over the importance of audience targeting and how when I originally started selling clothing during my college days how it was vital to growth and how it led me into understanding digital advertising further.

This episode is for all of my bootstrappers! If you’re trying to build a brand with little capital the name of the game is COST PER ACQUISITION. How much can you get by using as little as possible? I get detailed with Katona and explain what platforms I think are best for new companies seeking growth and how I would recommend using these platforms.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How to find your ideal customers online 
  • Tips on high ticket coaching 
  • Strategy for running successful Facebook Ads
  • Dive deep into what I actually do 
  • What drove me toward advertisement 

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