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EP 9: [Powered Chat] 5 Things I Learned from My Mentor


Having a good mentor is an invaluable experience.  In this week’s Powered Chat, we talk about one of my mentors and the life lessons I learned from her at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey. 

You’ll learn about one of the most pivotal moments of my life when I wanted to leave corporate and get into entrepreneurship. This transition didn’t happen right away because there was still so much I needed to learn. I’m so excited to bring you the first of many Powered Chats.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Pivotal moment for my success
  • Tips on leaving corporate America
  • What it means to be a business owner
  • The importance of not having yes men
  • The importance of building your business the right way
  • Why you should always have a business plan

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